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Office Exterior Design

Modern office design trends reflect the society we live in, with architects and designers looking to incorporate new technology in order to give the exterior of the office a fresh, contemporary look. UI Interior technology, vibrant colors, and transitional designs are some of the top current exterior office design trends discussed in this post.

If you need some ideas on how to style the exterior of your new office, whether you’re an architect, designer, or business owner, this post should help you out.

Office Exterior Design

Designs for the exterior of offices

The exterior color of the office

For office buildings, dull boring colours such as grey are no longer acceptable. Bright colour palettes and interesting glass patterns make modern exterior office design stand out rather than blend into the background.

A contemporary finish is achieved by combining aquatic and Renaissance colours with glass facades for a contemporary appearance.

Outdoors – Taking Advantage of It

Creating an outdoor oasis or outdoor workspace is another impressive and popular modern commercial building design trend. The design aesthetic of an oasis can really enhance an office, providing a balance between natural beauty and human creativity.

The opportunity to work outside can improve employee job satisfaction by allowing them to escape the confines of the office environment and breathe clean, fresh air while they work.  Additionally, an outdoor workspace allows employees to enjoy the nice weather on sunny days.

Design in the transitional period

An office designer or architect can blend the old and the new, combining established design options with something new, for a contemporary commercial building design that doesn’t always have to re-invent the wheel. For example, mixing standard architectural panels with shiplap wooden boards to create a transitional industrial look.

Breaking It Down

Architectural glass is extremely popular for commercial buildings, but with all those glass panels, you risk making the design look as mundane as old design trends.

When you combine glass windows with smooth architectural panels, such as a combination of glass and aluminum, you give the exterior design contrast, and you achieve that distinguished look that makes any exterior office design look contemporary.

Modernizing the design of an office building involves a multi-pronged approach that incorporates elements that enhance its both its aesthetics and functionality.

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